We make movies and software to create wonder.

Wonder Unit pairs iconoclastic, imaginative minds with creative technology, tools, and processes to tell inspiring, emotional stories.

We love movies. First as children and now as adults, movies bring joy and meaning to our lives. As we’ve grown into filmmakers, we’ve found even more inspiration in collaboration. At Wonder Unit, we want to keep that momentum going. Our goal is to create captivating films, come closer as creatives, build the tools that will unlock ideas, and cultivate a community of inspiring friends.

Combining world class creative talent with innovative tools and processes, and an emerging community of thought leaders, we want to find new ways to develop films. Alongside our productions, we’ll be building tools and leading conversations to help free ideas, ease collaborations, and move stories from concept to production in more efficient, collaborative, and compelling ways.


In the next few years, we’re hoping to see our films reach the big screen. To that end, we’re working doggedly on our first feature length production, Explorers. The story of a group of kids in the underground of New York who stumble upon forgotten treasure, Explorers draws us into a world of urban archeology, new and renewed friendships, and the places inside us where our pasts meet our futures.

Research and Development

For us, making movies is just as gratifying as watching them, so we’re creating ways to make the process more fun, collaborative, and easy. Wonder Unit’s R&D group develops the tools, processes, and insights to tell compelling stories. Every day we’re reminded how hard it can be to translate ideas into fully realized films, but we think that with the right tools and processes, we can come closer to unlocking the potential in every story.


Movies mean more when you share them with friends. Our favorite thing about filmmaking is working with close collaborators, learning from experienced craftspeople, and connecting with storytellers with fresh perspective. As our team grows, we want to open our productions (and our doors) to a wider community, and we’ll be working on ways for both young and tenured film enthusiasts to meet, share knowledge, and spark exciting new projects together.

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