A group of kids explore the tunnels of NYC to find forgotten treasure.

Wonder Unit’s first film explores the world of urban archeology, new and renewed friendships, and the places inside us where our pasts meet our futures.

Inspiration is everywhere. As storytellers, it’s natural for us to look to our own lives for resonant ideas. As a director driven studio, it becomes our imperative to turn those personal anecdotes—characters, situations, overheard conversations, relationships, and themes—into dramatic meaning.

Explorers follows a boy named Ryan who comes of age in present day Manhattan. A story of childhood passion, the palimpsest of New York’s urban landscape, the struggle of filial love, the meaning of family, collisions of class, and the survival of idealism in a harshly pragmatic world, Explorers asks each of us to consider what’s really important in life.


Ryan is a lone wolf who spends most of his time in the underground of New York City. Adept at exploring, and passionate about the traces of lives long past, he scours forgotten sewers and subway tunnels for lost and forgotten treasures. Suspecting that there’s something of incredible and unexpected deep beneath the city, he dreams of traveling where no one has gone before.

Jordan is a tough guy but a good guy. Nearing the end of high school, he’s the leader of a small crew of skateboarders who hang beneath the arches of the Manhattan bridge. While he’s a natural leader, he’s often short on words, and other kids fear him as much as they revere him. At home, Jordan struggles to find peace with his family’s changing circumstances, stability feeling so far away.


Explorers is currently in pre-production, with an estimated release of 2018. Check back here for updates, or get involved at [email protected]

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